Jupyter notebook

To reduce bootstrap time, reduce human error and increase repeatability of our experiments, we not only make dataset available, but also provide a (very simple) WebQoE-example.zip Jupyter notebook to start with the experiments we describe in the [PAM-18] and [QoMEX-18] papers.

Factorization machine demo

To get fundamental insights and explain the relationship between QoE and different observables, we resort to recommender systems such as Factorization Machines. Check out our interactive demo !

Chrome plugin

We have released the implementation of our approximated objective metrics as a Chrome plugin on GitHub and on the Chrome app store

The plugin is branded at mesuring the ATF metics, but actually does more than that – for the complete list of supported metrics, check the [PAM-18] paper or the datasets. To see what the plugin can do, also check the following video